3 Principles on Product Developments

Focus and Meticulous

Always focus on users point of view by utilizing scientific tools and analysis, setting specifications precisely. Continuous field testing and proof of concepts, strict quality checking to make sure it deserves with the Sea VentureX brand awareness.

Experience of Experts

To develop the best fit gears for specific fishing needs, we collect and exchange years of experience and knowledge with many experts which reflect on product development and design without hesitation. Consideration such as function, weight, balance, handling to tiny details.

Search of Real Satisfaction

An ideal rod should be responsive and easy to handle while performing lure actions; tough, powerful and rebound smoothly during fight ... all details add up in the pursuit of excitement and sensation of fishing. What Sea VentureX strives for is to be a brand that helps our users to catch very exciting moments in saltwater fishing and get the most satisfaction out of it.