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Dark Wrestler is a member of our Boat Casting Game rod series which is designed to target Bluefin, Yellowfin and common tuna species. Catching Giant Bluefin Tuna is said to be the toughest item in Sport Game Fishing, a part of the Sport Fishing Casting Game that is sweeping the world.

Giant Bluefin Tuna stands out from other fish species for its high speed and explosive power. We named this series "Dark Wrestler" to reflect the mysterious, endurance and explosive character of this fish.

The Northern Bluefin Tuna is a species of tuna, scientific name: Thunnus thynnus, also known as Atlantic Bluefin Tuna and being called "Northern Black Tuna" in Japan and Taiwan areas. Their color is dark blue above and gray below, native to both the western and eastern Atlantic Ocean, as well as the Mediterranean Sea. We can find them every year at places such as North Carolina, New Jersey and Cape Cod. In Asia we mainly find them in the northern Kuroshio current (Black Current) of Japan, sea of Tsushima, Shichiri-Ga-Sone area and Oma area of Aomori Prefecture. There are also commercial Bluefin Tuna farms in areas of Japan. Northern Bluefin Tuna live up to 20 years or more and sizes are known to exceed 3 meters and 400kg. Typical sizes caught by boat fishing are around 150kg, sizes over 200kg are considered bumper harvests. The highest known record was caught at Nova Scotia of Canada, weighing 679kg. Their bodies use countercurrent exchange to prevent heat from being lost to the surrounding water, the heat in their venous blood is efficiently transferred to the cool, oxygenated arterial blood entering a complex of arteries and veins lying very close to each other that grants them speedy swimming champions in chilly waters and fighters with explosive power. Bluefin Tuna is the most challenging target in Boat Game Casting and the most wanted record for every Big Game angler!

There are 3 main stages of fights when a tuna is hooked. First, when it dives suddenly towards deep water at high speed; Second, when it dashes towards the surface; Third, the fight with its weight and water resistant against pulling. The difficulties of these 3 stages of fights are often multiplied by the size of the fish. For example when the drag resistance of a spinning reel is set at 15~18kg, a 80kg tuna fight might take 35 minutes, a 100kg might take 50 minutes and an over 120kg size might take over 90 minutes to bring it to the surface. To help anglers facing the challenge of physical energy drop and overwhelming power of giant tunas, it is important to develop a light and durable rod blank that is capable of handling the force effectively for a longer period of fight time.
Tuna rod series often use fish shape Swim Bait lures, sensitivity of the blank is essential when performing lure operations while the design of mid-section needs to consider power handling and strength. During the fight, mid-section strength helps to provide return force to slow down fish escape and helps to control its direction. When operating the rod at 45 degrees, steady and smooth rebound helps to turn the paused fish quickly towards the angler and let him retrieve immediately, this can decrease the physical power consumption effectively. Such rod blanks can only be made by materials combining new types of carbon fibre structures. With the improved qualities of toughness and durability, the latest rod blank inner wall is thicker and almost 30% lighter than those in the past. These new rod blanks are state of the art products from famous Japan factories and 100% made in Japan.

Besides the rod blanks produced by famous Japan factories, we are honoured to cooperate with a renowned professional workshop in the industry to assemble our rods entirely in Japan. Owner of this workshop is a veteran custom rods maker with experience in managing production for big brand names, every tiny detail is well handled to produce our rods like art pieces. Specially formulated thick lacquer is evenly coated to improve toughness and durability which ensures our hand-made lure rod series satisfying high specifications and becoming powerful weapons for expert anglers to pursue their dreams.
There are several Casting Game fishing spots around the world famous for catching Bluefin Tuna. In Asia, the most popular areas are located at Japan's Kuroshio current, in the Sea of Japan, Tsushima, Shichiri-Ga-Sone area and world's famous Oma of Aomori Prefecture and Tappizaki areas. In North America, North Carolina, New Jersey and Cape Cod Bay. In North Africa, Mediterranean Sea, Belyounech, Morocco. In March of 2016 and 2018, three Dark Wrestler models "DW SF 79/10H", "DW SF 80/10MH" and "DW SF 75/12 HH" were tested at North Carolina and caught Bluefin tunas from 80kg to 180kg. In September of 2017, they were also tested at Cape Cod and caught 60kg grade Bluefin tunas. The data collected from fighting with these tunas expanded our horizon to improve rod blanks performance and had led to the latter development of more models that complement each other to give anglers greater satisfaction when facing different environments and opponents. Three improved models being added to this series are "DW SF 76/12XH OBX LTD", "DW SF 79/10H Cape Cod LTD" and "DW SM 79/8MH Seven Miles SP". In August of 2019, our tester Henry easily caught several 60kg grade Bluefin tunas with this lighter power "DW SM 79/8MH Seven Miles SP" in New Jersey, further proving its performance and durability. After years of developments, currently there are five members of different power levels in the Dark Wrestler family and they are the best among our Casting Game tuna rod series.
Blanks High sensitivity and toughness - new carbon fibre structure type
Basic Guides FUJI P-KWSG / P-MNSG
Optional Guides - Premium FUJI T-KWSG / T-RVSG
Optional Guides - Supreme FUJI T-KWTG / T-RVTG
Grip Hight Density EVA (Black)
Reel Seat FUJI DPS (Silver) / DPSSD GM
Butt Assembly Carbon Fibre with Metal Ring & BRC Rubber Gimbal
DW Stand Fight SP 75/12HH - Front Grip 220mm / Rear Grip 360mm
DW Stand Fight SP 76/12XH - Front Grip 220mm / Rear Grip 360mm
DW Stand Fight SP 79/10H - Front Grip 220mm / Rear Grip 360mm
DW Stand Fight SP 80/10MH- Front Grip 270mm / Rear Grip 340m
DW Stand Fight SP 79/8MH - Front Grip 230mm / Rear Grip 320mm
Model : 2017 DW Stand Fight SP 75/12HH
Length : 7’5” Action : Medium Fast Lure WT : Pop 150g / Stick Bait 190g Line WT : PE 6-12 Section :1 & half Target : SPECIAL BLUEFIN TUNA Power Ratio : 9 Drag Setting : 8kg-15kg Price : JPY 105,000
Model : 2019 DW Stand Fight SP 76/12XH OBX Limited
Length : 7’6” Action : Medium Fast Lure WT : Pop 150g / Stick Bait 190g Line WT : PE 6-12 Section :1 & half Target : SPECIAL BLUEFIN TUNA Power Ratio : 10 Drag Setting : 8kg-16kg Price : JPY 110,000
Model : 2019 DW Stand Fight SP 79/10H CAPE COD Limited
Length : 7’9” Action : Medium Fast Lure WT : Pop 140g / Stick Bait 180g Line WT : PE 5-10 Section :1 & half Target : BLUEFIN & YELLOWFIN TUNA Power Ratio : 8 Drag Setting : 8kg-14kg Price : JPY 107,000
Model : 2018 DW Stand Fight SP 80/10MH
Length : 8’0” Action : Medium Fast Lure WT : Pop 130g / Stick Bait 170g Line WT : PE 5-10 Section :1 & half Target : BLUEFIN & YELLOWFIN TUNA Power Ratio : 8 Drag Setting : 8kg-14Kg Price : JPY 105,000
Model : 2019 DW Seven Miles SP 79/6MH
Length : 7’9” Action : Medium Fast Lure WT : Pop 65g / Stick Bait 120g Line WT : PE 4-6 Section :1 & half Target : BLUEFIN & YELLOWFIN TUNA & HIRAMASA Power Ratio : 7 Drag Setting : 5kg-12kg Price : JPY 95,000