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Ocean Wanderer is a member of our Boat Jigging Game Traveler rod series which is designed to target fishes such as Amberjack, Hiramasa, Hamachi, YellowFin Tuna, Dogtooth Tuna and other migratory fish species. Many famous fishing spots around the world need to be reached by small aeroplanes, a good "One & Handle" jigging rod is the most convenient design pursuit by many travelling anglers.

The name "Ocean Wanderer" reflects the concept of jigging rod designs that are easy to pack and carry, suitable for anglers to travel freely to oceans around the world to challenge various kinds of fishes.

Today's Jig Fishing anglers can demand much more from their rods than in the past. Lighter, better rebound, narrower rod body and thicker inner walls are major development objectives. Besides all the above requirements, detachable and easy to carry are new objectives of this series. The "One & Handle" construction in this series is specially designed for anglers to bring their rods into small aeroplanes and the 5 feet 7 inches specification makes them suitable for use on different kinds of boats in most countries.

The development of this rod series also aimed to achieve better sensitivity and feedback from the front section of rod when performing jigging actions. Sufficient recovery can save the angler a lot of energy in the jigging process and at the same time the tip section should provide information about the lure's action. Clearer information helps the anglers to control the force, range and timing to lift the jig and get a better chance when the lure is being attacked. It is necessary to develop a specialised 2-step rod blank with sensitive tip section and mid-sections that offer greater lift and recovery over the totally parabolic action. Such rod blanks can only be made by materials combining new types of carbon fibre structures. With the improved qualities of toughness and durability, the latest rod blank inner wall is thicker and almost 30% lighter than those in the past. These new rod blanks are state of the art products from famous Japanese factories and 100% made in Japan.

Besides the rod blanks produced by famous Japan factories, we are honoured to cooperate with a renowned professional workshop in the industry to assemble our rods entirely in Japan. Owner of this workshop is a veteran custom rods maker with experience in managing production for big brand names, every tiny detail is well handled to produce our rods like art pieces. Specially formulated thick lacquer is evenly coated to improve toughness and durability which ensures our hand-made lure rod series satisfying high specifications and becoming powerful weapons for expert anglers to pursue their dreams.
The R&D of Ocean Wanderer series started in 2015. In April of that year we went to Kyushu Genkai-nada, Tsushima, Shichiri-Ga-Sone area to test "OW HIRAMASA SP 57/3M" with Hiramasa and YellowTail as our primary targets. The prototype rod blanks performed quite well under strong currents and they gave us good confidence in fighting. Mid-section recovery and the parabolic action has reached 95% of our requirements and got Hiramasa up to 10kg. The other model "OW YELLOWFIN SP 57/4MH" was tested in oil rig areas of South China Sea with YellowFin Tunas as primary target. The depth of that area is around 80 to 120 meters and very suitable for Jigging and YellowFins from 15 to 20kg were caught. Another high-power jigging model named "OW AMBERJACK SP 57/5H" which is designed for deeper spots and strong currents, we tested this one at the US's North Carolina and Cape Cod respectively. We first tested at the off-shore spots of North Carolina which is famous for big Amberjacks. The current was strong, we tested lures over 300g at 100~140 meters and caught 20kg grade Amberjacks without sweats, results were acceptable.

Then we went north to fishing spots at Cape Cod to challenge the powerful BlueFin Tuna. The depth of Cape Cod spots are around 70~90 meters, sizes of BlueFins in these areas are 50~100kg. According to our estimation, this water depth should allow "OW AMBERJACK SP 57/5H" to perform well against 50~60kg grade BlueFins. Finally we got hit with a 60kg grade BlueFin and with the rebound power of this rod, we smoothly brought this high speed runner to the surface after an easy 10 minutes fight. Valuable data was collected in these tests and limitation of this model was recorded. In October of 2018, we added a new model "OW PNG SPECIAL 57/6H" which was designed to target Dogtooth Tuna. In January of 2019, we brought this model to Long Reef of Papua New Guinea for a test run but unfortunately the fishes in this trip were too weak to test its power.

In November of the same year, our friend Mr. Naser from Kuwait also tested this model at Oman area and got 20kg grade Amberjacks and Groupers easily. We are looking forward to test the limit of this model and new results will be posted here. Currently four members of Ocean Wanderer family with different power levels have been launched. They are the best among our Boat Game Jigging Traveler series and more developments are coming!
Blanks High sensitivity and toughness - new carbon fibre structure type
Basic Guides FUJI P-KWSG / P-MNSG
Optional Guides FUJI T-KWSG / T-RVTG
Grip Hight Density EVA (Black)
Reel Seat FUJI DPS 22 (Silver or Black)
Butt Assembly Carbon Fibre with Metal Ring & BRC Rubber Gimbal
OW HIRAMASA SP 57/3M. - Front Grip 200mm / Rear Grip 290mm
OW YELLOWFIN SP 57/4MH. - Front Grip 200mm / Rear Grip 290mm
OW AMBERJACK SP 57/5H. - Front Grip 200mm / Rear Grip 290mm
OW PNG SPECIAL 57/6H. - Front Grip 200mm / Rear Grip 290mm
Model : 2018 HIRAMASA SP 57/3M
Length : 5”7’ Action : Medium Fast Jig Lure WT : Comfort 60-200g ( Max 250g ) Line WT : PE 2.5 -4 Section :1 & half Target : HIRAMASA & YELLOW TAlL Power Ratio : 5 Drag Setting : 4kg-10kg Price : JPY 65,000
Model : 2018 YELLOWFIN SP 57/4MH
Length : 5”7’ Action : Medium Fast Jig Lure WT : Comfort 80-300g ( Max 350g ) Line WT : PE 3 - 5 Section :1 & half Target : HIRAMASA & YELLOWFIN TUNA Power Ratio : 6 Drag Setting : 5kg-12kg Price : JPY 67,000
Model : 2018 AMBERJACK SP 57/5H
Length : 5”7’ Action : Medium Fast Jig Lure WT : Comfort 100-400g ( Max 450g ) Line WT : PE 4 - 6 Section :1 & half Target : AMBERJACK & YELLOWFIN TUNA Power Ratio : 7 Drag Setting : 6kg-14kg Price : JPY 69,000
Model : 2019 PNG SPECIAL 57/6H (New!)
Length : 5”7’ Action : Medium Fast Jig Lure WT : Comfort 100-400g ( Max 450g ) Line WT : PE 4 - 6 Section :1 & half Target : AMBERJACK & DOGTOOTH TUNA Power Ratio : 7.5 Drag Setting : 6kg-15kg Price : JPY 75,000