Successful products depend on continuous testing and modifications. Thank you fellow testers for providing valuable data selflessly over the years. The name list is in no particular order. Really appreciate!

Henry Chan

Born in Hong Kong, Henry revels in fishing for over 15 years, especially in lure fishing. His fishing journey started when he was a kid and learned about lure fishing when studying in secondary school. Beginning with shore sea bass fishing and eging and later on expanded his territory to light game and big game fishing at outer seas of Hong Kong such as Pedra Blanca, Lema Islands and oil rigs of South China Sea. When he was a university student in the US, he had learnt the Black Bass fishing and soft swim bait techniques. The opportunity expanded a great degree of his vision on lure fishing. During his stay in Virginia State he successfully set various records of over 65cm length Black Bass. In March of 2017, Simon Cheng - founder of Sea VentureX invited Henry to join a fishing trip to North Carolina. With Henry's rich experience in lure fishing, he adopted the Boat Casting Game very quickly and had caught his first 120kg grade BlueFin Tuna in just a few days. After this trip, he pursued his knowledge of Boat Game Casting & Jigging with the guidance of Saltywater Tackle's owner Mr Sami Ghandour. They travelled to many famous fishing spots in the East Coast such as North Carolina, New Jersey and Cape Cod, targeting fishes of the tuna family such as BlueFin Tuna , YellowFin Tuna , BlackFin Tuna and BigEye Tuna. When Simon decided to promote Sea VentureX to overseas, he immediately invited Henry to join the project. We are very pleased to have Henry joining us as our Field Tester and overseas operations, we're looking forward to seeing Henry bringing his enthusiasm and his tremendous charisma to the Big Game lure fishing.

Chung Law

Chung started his fishing activities in 1996, obsessed with studying Iso fishing techniques and tackles, he has in-depth knowledge of many fishing spots in Hong Kong and nearby islands. With the record of average 120 fishing days in a year, his techniques and records are recognised by many fishing enthusiasts in his field. Besides being Sea VentureX's Hong Kong Field Tester, he was a writer of the "Fishing Endless" magazine specialised in fishing spot reports of Sai Kung Tolo Channel Area and new Iso Fishing techniques. In the development of our Iso fishing products, Chung shared with us many pro-user experiences, fishing ground analyses and valuable enhancement suggestions.

Sun Lo

Sun has started his fishing activities with Iso Fishing since 1997 and his first encounter of Jigging and Popping Big Game Lure was on a trip to the oil rig of South China Sea in 2000. Since then he couldn't forget the excitement of fighting with big fishes and has started to gather information and gears of Big Game Lure especially GT Casting Game. For the following few years he took every available opportunity to go to the South China Sea to look for challenges and had created many personal records. In 2007, he began to go to Maldives frequently to look for his dream catch and eventually became an overseas professional Casting Game fishing guide. His personal records include a 45kg grade GT which was caught at Maldives Southern Atoll in 2012. Knowing his years of experience and rich techniques, we have invited Sun to test our new designs and prototypes since 2013. With his valuable advice, we had successfully produced high quality products. In 2018 he joined our trip to New Caledonia for the giant GT and Dogtooth Tuna challenge. He is currently becoming a valuable member of testing and promoting Sea VentureX rods and lures in Hong Kong.

Yiu Fai Ng

Fai has started fishing since 2000 and has learnt about lure fishing since 2001. He actively goes fishing at oil rig areas of South China Sea and accumulated years of experience in jigging and sport fishing techniques. In 2010, he started travelling to Malaysia and Thailand for Jigging and Casting Game Fishing and since 2016 his fishing grounds has been expanded to Maldives, New Caledonia and North Carolina. The records and his pursuit of fishing techniques are well recognised by fellow enthusiasts, moreover, he has been using our sport fishing rod series for over 10 years. Knowing that he has in-depth knowledge on our products, it is our honour to have him being our Tester in Hong Kong and helping us to promote our products professionally. Fai is actively participating in local top water lure games such as Light Jigging, Sea Bass and Eging, constantly trying to improve his techniques through real world experience, he is a pro-fisherman full of passion and love for nature.

Seita Akiyma

Lives in Amami Oshima, Japan. His 30 years of fishing experience started at the pier when he was 7 years old. At the age of 12, he began Rock Fishing and at 13, he had his first experience with Shore Casting GT. At that time, he caught his first 14 kg-class GT, all by himself. His remarkable skills and talent truly make him a natural-born Big Game enthusiast. Since then, he has continuously explored and studied various fishing techniques, including Popping for black sea bream, Shore Eging with wooden bait, and Jigging on boats. However, his favorite remains Shore Casting for GT. He finds the fight exhilarating, requiring both skill and determination. It's not ordinary fishing sport. His efforts and achievements have made him a celebrity in the world of Shore Casting Game on Amami Oshima Island. If you search his Instagram account ( bulu_nene ) you will find his previous and recent fishing trips and catches. He hopes for an opportunity to challenge the large yellowfin tuna in the Kanto region through Shore Casting. May his wish come true!

Simon Cheng

After the introduction of Iso Fishing by his secondary school teacher in 1991, Simon met renowned Iso Fishing professional Mr. Takahashi Tetsuya in 1994. Since then, he travels to Miyake Island of Tokyo Prefecture regularly to learn authentic Iso Fishing techniques and knowledge of the ocean. He started Seven Islands Fish Tackle in 1996 mainly to promote Iso Fishing and organise Iso Fishing activities in the outer islands of Hong Kong. At the same time, he introduced the original Tengu Uki method to his customers and made this newly introduced method recognised by many fishing enthusiasts. With the growth of his business, he has more opportunities to try Jigging and other lure fishing methods in other countries. Simon has combined the experiences and started to cooperate with Japan factories to produce pro-fishing equipment. He continued to promote pro-fishing with magazines, DVD, web radio and websites through the years. In 2012, besides Boat Jigging Game, he was introduced to Boat Casting Game and was fascinated by Big Game Fishing and its targets such as GT, Hiramasa and BlueFin Tuna. By travelling to numerous fishing spots of the world in the past 20 years, Simon has accumulated real world fishing experiences, knowledge and ideas that are valuable for developing and improving pro-fishing gears. Sea VentureX is a brand he created to incorporate these data, sincerely striving to develop products that are best for users' interest.