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Lagoon Fighter is a member of our Boat Casting Game rod series targeting GT - Giant Trevally, ロウニンアシ (浪人鯵) in Japanese. At present, big size GT is said to be one of the most challenging fishes in Boat Casting Game, a part of the Sport Fishing Casting Game that is sweeping the world.

GT is short for Giant Trevally, scientific name: Caranx ignobilis, a species of large marine fish classified in the jack family of Carangidae. It is called 浪人鰺 (Roninaji) in Japanese and has many other names around the world. GT is distributed throughout Indian Ocean, Red Sea, Kagoshima's Amami Ōshima, Okinawa, Australia, South China Sea, Taiwan Strait, many other places of tropical waters and areas of low salinity. They live in the depth between 10 to 100 meters and hunt their prey near drop offs and coral reefs. GT is the dream opponent of Boat Game Casting anglers, primary target for Casting Game beginners and every Big Game angler wants to create a record! Although endurance of GT is lower than Tuna but its explosive power and speed should not be underestimated. The name "Lagoon Fighter" is made to describe these calm, decisive and powerful warriors of coral reef lagoons.!
There are 2 main stages of fights when GT is hooked. First, when it dives suddenly towards deeper parts of drop offs or coral reefs at high speed; Second, the fight with its weight and water resistance caused by the profile of the fish against pulling. The difficulties of these 2 stages of fights are often multiplied by size of the fish. For example when the drag resistance of a spinning reel is set to 10~15Kg, a 20kg GT fight might take 8 minutes, a 40kg might take 15 minutes, an over 50kg size might take over 25 minutes to bring it to the surface. With considerations of depth or obstacles, fighting time might take even longer. To handle these situations, the development of a rod blank which is light weight, tough and effectively unleashes explosive power instantly is very important.

GT rod series often use Popper and fish shape Swim Bait lures, sensitivity of the tip of rod blank is essential. When using Popper, the tip needs power and toughness to create bubbles easily and get louder water hitting sound. When performing SwimBait actions, flexibility and narrowness of the middle section helps action dexterity and subtle creation of dash bubbles. Paying attention to the toughness and the explosive power of the middle section which serves double duties is important as well. During the fight, mid-section strength helps to provide returning force to slow down fish escape and helps to control its direction. When operating the rod at 45 degrees, steady and smooth rebound helps to turn the paused fish quickly towards the angler and let him retrieve immediately, this can decrease the physical power consumption effectively. Such rod blanks can only be made by materials combining new types of carbon fibre structures. With the improved qualities of toughness and durability, the latest rod blank inner wall is thicker and almost 30% lighter than those in the past. These new rod blanks are state of the art products from famous Japan factories and 100% made in Japan.

Besides the rod blanks produced by famous Japan factories, we are honoured to cooperate with a renowned professional workshop in the industry to assemble our rods entirely in Japan. Owner of this workshop is a veteran custom rods maker with experience in managing production for big brand names, every tiny detail is carefully handled to produce these rods like art pieces. Specially formulated thick lacquer is evenly coated to improve toughness and durability which ensures our hand-made lure rod series to satisfy the high specifications and become powerful weapons for expert anglers to pursue their dreams.
There are many popular Casting Game fishing spots around the world for catching GT. In Asia, the most popular areas are located at Japan's Kuroshio current - Southwest of Japan, Ishigaki and Miyakojima of Okinawa, world's famous Amami Islands, Tokara Islands, Tanegashima and Ogasawara. South of Taiwan - Qixingtan Lagoon, Green Island and Orchid Island. Indian Ocean - Maldives, Andaman Islands. Indonesia - Bali, Alor Island and east of Papua. US - Hawaii and Northern Mariana Islands. Africa - Madagascar and Tanzania. North of Australia - Christmas Island. French territory - New Caledonia. Fiji and Papua New Guinea. Lastly, Bab al-Mandab Strait and Oman in the Middle East. All these areas are major fishing spots for GT.

The field testing of Lagoon Fighter started in 2010 at north and south seas of Maldives and the models we first tested were "LF Popping SP77/10H" and "LF Stick Bait SP 78/10H". In those trips the biggest GTs we got was 30kg grade and later in 2016 we started to test in New Caledonia and got GTs in 40kg grade. The valuable data which we have collected from numerous GT fights has given us directions and horizons to improve the rod blanks performance. All of these led to later developments of Lagoon Fighter models with higher performance that complement each other to give anglers greater satisfaction when facing different environments and opponents. Newly added model "LF Stick Bait SP 81/8H" was designed for giving more satisfaction when fighting with a mid-size GT at Maldives. While another model "LF SF Stick Bait 78/10H Plus" was designed for fighting big GT & Dogtooth Tuna at New Caledonia. The power of this rod blank is more delicate and the weight is reduced to give more control and confidence during fight.

In May of 2018, by using this new "LF SF Stick Bait 78/10H Plus" a 43kg grade GT was caught at Amami‧Tokara Islands area of Japan. It was witnessed by Mr Fukui Kenzaburō, Captain of the very popular Big Dipper. Many awesome records were created in November to December of 2018 and 2019 at New Caledonia by using this new model including GTs over 40kg easily caught under strong currents, catches of big Grouper and Napoleon Wrasse. During this period, members of Team SVX have also caught many 30kg grade GT at Long Reef area of PNG. All of these data further proved the performance and durability of rod blank improvements over the years. Currently four members of the Lagoon Fighter family with different power levels have been launched. They are the best among our Casting Game GT series and more models are coming, please stay tuned.
Blanks High sensitivity and toughness - new carbon fibre structure type
Basic Guides FUJI P-KWSG / P-MNSG
Optional Guides - Premium FUJI T-KWSG / T-RVSG
Optional Guides - Supreme FUJI T-KWTG / T-RVTG
Grip Hight Density EVA (Black)
Reel Seat FUJI DPS (Silver) / DPSSD GM
Butt Assembly Carbon Fibre with Metal Ring & BRC Rubber Gimbal
LF Popping SP 77/10H - Front Grip 260mm / Rear Grip 330mm
LF Popping SP 79/10H Plus - Front Grip 260mm / Rear Grip 340mm
LF Stick Bait SP 80/10H - Front Grip 220mm / Rear Grip 350mm
LF Stick Bait SP 81/8H - Front Grip 200mm / Rear Grip 320mm
LF Stick Bait SP 78/10H Plus - Front Grip 220mm / Rear Grip 355mm
LF Stick Bait SP 78/10H - Front Grip 220mm / Rear Grip 355mm
Model : 2010 LF Popping SP 77/10H (Discontinued)
Length : 7’7” Action : Medium Fast Lure WT : Pop 170g / Stick Bait 200g Line WT : PE 8-10 Section :1 & half Target : GT & Dogtooth Tuna Power Ratio : 9 Drag Setting : 8kg-15kg Price : JPY 100,000
Model : 2020 LF Popping SP 79/10H Plus
Length : 7’9” Action : Medium Fast Lure WT : Pop 170g / Stick Bait 200g Line WT : PE 8-10 Section :1 & half Target : GT & Dogtooth Tuna Power Ratio : 10 Drag Setting : 8kg-16kg Price : JPY 104,000
Model : 2024 LF Stick Bait SP 80/10H (New!)
Length : 8’0” Action : Medium Fast Lure WT : Pop 130g / Stick Bait 170g Line WT : PE 8-10 Section :1 & half Target : GT & Dogtooth Tuna Power Ratio : 9 Drag Setting : 8kg-15kg Price : JPY 109,000
Model : 2018 LF Stick Bait SP 81/8MH
Length : 8’1” Action : Medium Fast Lure WT : Pop 95g / Stick Bait 140g Line WT : PE 5-8 Section :1 & half Target : GT & HIRAMASA Power Ratio : 7.5 Drag Setting : 6kg-12kg Price : JPY 103,000
Model : 2017 LF Stick Bait SP 78/10H Plus
Length : 7’8” Action : Medium Fast Lure WT : Pop 135g / Stick Bait 160g Line WT : PE 8-10 Section :1 & half Target : GT & Dogtooth Tuna Power Ratio : 9 Drag Setting : 8kg-15kg Price : JPY 102,000
Model : 2010 LF Stick Bait SP 78/10H (Discontinued)
Length : 7’8” Action : Medium Fast Lure WT : Pop 140g / Stick Bait 160g Line WT : PE 8-10 Section :1 & half Target : GT & Dogtooth Tuna Power Ratio : 8 Drag Setting : 7kg-13kg Price : JPY 100,000