Introduction of RYAN 230 NISHIKIGOI Edition

Ryan 230 from CB ONE is a very special Casting Game Lure series. They are made of wood and with five sizes ranging from 130mm (30g) to 230mm (130g). They have very good performances at diving action and bubble production, suitable for use on Bluefin Tuna, GT, Hiramasa and other migratory fishes. This series is one of the most popular choices in the world of Casting Games.

With the trust and support from Mr. Orito of CB ONE, this Sea VentureX crossover edition was produced in 2019 as memento of CB ONE Hong Kong and Macau overseas dealership establishment. This limited edition is built on the Ryan 230 model, with 3 new colour schemes inspired by famous Nishikigoi colours: KOHAKU, YAMABUKI OGON and KURO BEKKO. Special reflective scale and Koi tentacle sticker plus meticulous airbrush works made each of these a uniquely attractive piece. You won't be disappointed by the craftsmanship of this limited series and they surely deserve a place in your lure collections.

Ryan Series' Basic Actions
Product Name CB ONE Ryan 230 - SeaVentureX Original
Length 227mm
Weight 130g
Recommended Ring 150lb - 300lb
Recommended Hook Y-S23 6/0 , CT-88 5/0 , GT Record 5/0
Price Open
Please note: colour on the monitor might be different from the actual item.