Locations & Gears

On 12th December 2023, Yambal representative 屈 有宏社長 caught this 110cm 25kg grade GT in a Shore Casting Game trip at Japan Amami Islands.

On 15th March 2023, SVX Founder Simon Cheng caught this 22kg grade HIRAMASA at Iki Island (壱岐島, Iki-no-shima) of The Genkai Sea (玄界灘, Genkai-nada), northern coasts of Fukuoka and Saga prefectures.

In Mid-December 2012, SVX Hong Kong Tester Sun caught this 40kg grade GT in an afternoon Casting Game at North Carolina. This was SVX team’s first overseas field test to challenge GT with our Casting GT rod series, luckily we got good results and the data gave us the direction for SVX rod blanks development with the Japan manufacturers. The charter boat was Angler Connection and the record was witnessed and verified by Captain Ibrahim.